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theme Dictionary Definition:
Anxiety about getting married is a big theme in romantic comedies. From ancient Greek thema via Latin and French we get this word, whose many related uses all have to do with the idea of the" main subject of something" In music, it can be a recurring melody in a composition, or an entire song throughout a play or film a theme song.
Thème Wikipédia.
En musique de films, de séries télévisées ou de jeux vidéo, le thème est le motif principal de tout le film ou d'un' de ses éléments en particulier, comme un personnage. en peinture, les thèmes renvoient à la description des genres et thèmes récurrents.
Visual Studio Code Themes.
// Specifies the file icon theme used in the workbench. workbench.iconTheme" vs-seti" Creating your own File Icon Theme. You can create your own File Icon Theme from icons preferably SVG, see the File Icon Theme topic in our Extension API section for details.

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